Cover of Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark.


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Duncan Clark

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This summary is an insider account of how Jack Ma went from being a poor English teacher to becoming the chairman of a global ecommerce empire with an IPO worth over $25 billion. How did Jack Ma do it? How did he manage to overcome obstacles and beat local and international competitors, yet claim to be naive about technology? And what does the future hold for Alibaba, can it maintain it's 80% China market share, or will the empire soon lose some of it? All these are questions that will be answered in this summary. Clark Duncan writes from a purely independent perspective, drawing his knowledge from his experience as one time advisor for Alibaba as well as from numerous interviews with Alibaba's employees and associates. “This absorbing and well-written portrayal of Ma's character and his role in Alibaba's development will appeal to a wide range of readers.” ~ Library Journal