Cover of Thinking In Systems: A Primer by Donella Meadows.

Thinking In Systems

A Primer

Donella Meadows

15 min read
“Thinking In Systems” is a concise and crucial book offering insight into solving problems from the personal scale to the global scale. It introduces readers to a different way of thinking about daily life problems that are found in nature, business or society. Written by American environmental scientist, teacher, and writer Diana Meadows, this book is sure to have a noteworthy impact on you. Meadows was well known for her work in changing the thought processes of her readers to enable them to see the world clearly, and she does this in this book as well. “The systems-thinking lens allows us to reclaim our intuition about whole systems and hone our abilities to understand parts, see interconnections, ask “what-if ” questions about possible future behaviors, and be creative and courageous about system redesign.” ~ Donella H. Meadows